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Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Post - Newspaper Mani

My very first post and my first attempt at a newspaper transfer mani! :)
This is a manicure that definitely takes a little bit of practice.  As you can see it is definitely not perfect and the words aren't super dark/noticeable.

What I did:
Base coat of a white color (it is Orly, but can't recall the name of the color). Here is where it took a bit of playing...

I had a coat of Seche Vite on top and when I tried to apply it to just that, it didn't really work. So, I put a layer of China Glaze Matte Magic. I found that with this on and it still being slightly tacky it worked better.
In order to apply it I used Rubbing Alcohol, I soaked my nail in it for a few seconds so the whole nail was wet.  I followed by pressing a strip of newspaper on my nail.  I placed a cotton square on top that was soaked in the alcohol.  I held it there for a few seconds and carefully removed and replaced it with a dry one. After about 10 seconds I carefully peeled the newspaper away.  Topped it off with another coat of the Matte Top Coat!

I noticed that you definitely have to be careful NOT to move the newspaper, or the words will double and it looks smudged.
Make sure you wait a bit before applying your final top coat, because it will smear the words.
The more pressure you use the darker and more even the words will be.
I used an older newspaper we had lying around and I believe that a newer one might work a touch better.

Hopefully the next time I try this it comes out better.  But, for a first attempt and not having a ton of time to do  it, I don't think it came out horrible!  What do you think?