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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tip for taking glitter nail polish off

Today I had a chance to finally take off the last mani I posted and that glitter polish was a pain to take off.  I had read on other nail blogs and boards about the tin foil method and decided to try it after I spent almost 5 minutes taking it off one hand!

The tin foil method is something some of you may have heard of or even tried.  Since I rarely wear glitter I had never tried it.

What it is:
First you need 10 pieces of tin foil big enough to wrap around finger tip and about 2 inches long.  You take pieces of cotton (preferably a square or something less fuzzy than a cotton ball) and put polish remover on it.  Take the squares of cotton and put on nail then wrap the foil around finger(tip).  Leave on nail for about one minute.  When removing, twist foil off while adding pressure to the nail.  Most if not all of the polish should come off.

Has anyone else tried this method or any other method?  I have heard of using a piece of felt to remove glitter polish as well (just using polish remover with it, not foil).  I might try that one next time!

Thanks for reading!  Will be back tomorrow with a new mani and a few haul posts will be coming soon! :)

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  1. I have yet to try this method.. i usually just scrub hard ( its like a little arm workout :P )

  2. @love4laqcuerHaha, I usually do too, but I got annoyed when I was taking it off and decided to try it half way through!