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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Page/Update

Hello everyone!  Hope you are doing well and I'm sorry for being MIA recently.  Things are truly starting to get hectic around here with the wedding so close.  Anyway, I added a new page to my sidebar.  There were some mixed opinions on my poll about book reviews.  So I decided my best option was to add a page and when I add to this page I will make a small post so those of you that want to read it can check it out.  Sound good!?

My weekend was spent cleaning the house since it will most likely be my last chance to clean it in its entirety before the big day.  I was able to somewhat organize my stash and I am a bit overwhelmed at how much I have!  I didn't realize how many polishes I have accumulated over the past however many months.  With this said a lot of them are untrieds, so my mission is to start swatching soon.  I have nail wheels to help me weed out dupes, etc.  So, I am hoping I will be able to have more posts soon while I start to swatch all my polishes and finish organizing them.  Depending on how many polishes I have dupes of or just don't like on myself, I might be able to do a small blog sale.  I will keep you all posted on this.  I am hoping to be back within the next two days with a real post.  

Thanks for reading!

PS - Don't forget to enter my giveaway! :)


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