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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

China Glaze Stash (1/4)

I was able to swatch my China Glaze stash on some color wheels.  Can I just say... swatching your stash kind of sucks!  I'm only about half way through my stash and don't want to do anymore.  But, I am pushing myself to get it done!  Due to wanting to be finished with them, a lot of my wheels are skittled because I didn't feel like the taking the extra time to sort them by color as well.  I have already come across a few that are pretty close and might be putting up on the sale.

Here is the first part of my China Glaze stash.  If you see any you want swatched on nails, please let me know.  Enjoy!


1. riveter rouge
2. light as air
3. jitterbug
4. recycle
5. hey doll
6. prize winning mare

7. ingrid
8. goin’ my way?
9. foxy
10. naughty and nice
11. zombie zest
12. sea spray

13. VIII
14. virtual violet
15. hologram
16. side-saddle
17. ??  9m18a  - This lost it's sticker and those were the only numbers on the bottom of the bottle.  It was from their 2010 spring collection I believe.  I think it is Something Sweet.  If anyone knows for sure, can you please let me know.  Thanks!
18. ick-a-bod-y

Thanks for reading!


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