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Monday, June 27, 2011

OPI Stash 3/3 (Pic Heavy)

Hi!  I'm back with the last of my current OPI stash.  Hope you enjoyed seeing them!  Also, don't forget if there are any that you would like to see swatched on my mails, please let me know.


1.  y’all come back ya hear?
2. rising star
3. you don’t know Jacques suede
4. its totally fort worth it
5. steady as she rose
6. step right up!


7. so many clowns. So little time.
8. in the spot-light pink
9. sparrow me the drama
10. simply smashing!
11. glow up already!
12. sparke-licious


13. teenage dream
14. last Friday night
15. simmer & shimmer
16. I juggle… men
17. silver shatter
18. black shatter

(So, I was in a hurry doing this last wheel and completely forgot to put a base color under the silver and black shatters...  Guess what!?  Neither of them shattered!  Oops!  Haha!  I guess they won't shatter without a base color on the wheels.  I figured you all have probably seen tons of pictures of them, so it would be okay... forgive me!?!)

So, what do you guys think of my OPI stash overall?

Thanks for reading!



  1. Wow you have a fantastic collection of OPI!!! I love looking at all of them!

  2. @GothamPolish Thanks! Hopefully you enjoy the rest of my stash too!