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Friday, December 23, 2011

Go Go Retro

Hiya everyone! 
I love all things retro so this was really quite fitting… Today I noticed my vanity was getting a bit unorganized and my nail polish was all over the place. It was about time for me to do my nails anyhow and I came across this fantastic mint color (Hint of Mint Nicole by O.P.I.) I purchased quite some time ago. Then I came across a tad of green I had left, not sure what the color was some cheap stuff I saw at hot topic on clearance. I decided to just dump the tiny bit of green I had left into the mint it was far too sheer for my taste. The color it made was this really great retro mint. So I decorated my nails for Christmas,. I got a lot accomplished, organized my vanity and retro-fied my nails.
 There they are! Mint with Candy stripes and red star burst/ snowflakes!

Oh! And came across a rockabilly Christmas CD I made last year which consisted of some of my favorite Christmas songs…

Mama's Twistin' With Santa - Mark Anthony
Rock'n Roll Santa - Little Joey Farr
Run Rudolph Run - The Outlaws
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas- Gayla Peevey
I Wanna Spend Christmas With Elvis - Marlene Paul
Santa's Got a Coupe de Ville - The Four Imperials
Big White Cadillac - Little Joey Farr
And more, but I can’t think of them all right now.
So it worked out nicely.

Well that’s about all my rambling for now… Until next time.

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