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Monday, January 23, 2012

Polka Dots, cherries, and a cold…

Hiya Everyone!
I've finally had the chance to do something different to my nails. Between school, family, and this nasty cold I’ve come down with my nails have been put on the back burner…but fear not here is a new one!

So for my nails I used OPI mod about you, some cheap nail art pens for the white polka dots, cherries, and green stems. last but not least, my favorite top coat Seche Vite! Super easy, super adorable, and of course staying true to my love of all things retro.

As for everything else, my cold seems to be going away(thank goodness), school is amazing(doesn’t really feel like school it’s just so fun), and my family is great(we are the coolest family ever)!
My hubbs had me helping out with another project for the 53 Chevy last night, this time he had me helping him make his custom steering wheel that he’s come up with, I love it and its definitely every bit us, heres the progress on that…
horseshoe, pistons, and belt buckles oh my!
 (above, me watching him work away on this steering wheel, 
i was thinking 'lets hope there's a method to his madness'.)

And for being such an awesome wife my man got me this really fantastic Coop hoodie!!

Okay enough rambling…I’ve got some house stuff to catch up on!
Until next time…



  1. Love the nails xx great blog - can we follow each other ? Xx